HP technical support software update, However, one in every of my most immediate issues was that I’d be notified once a brand new driver was discharged. I consider the HP Computer Support assistant number +1-800-674-9438 that comes pre-installed on HP systems. This app runs within the background to alert once updates are obtainable, however also can be dead to force a manual check. It is a good way to stay your HP system up-to-date, knowing once new drivers and BIOS updates are obtainable.

After I started experiencing the audio driver quirks, I force up the responsible HP Support Assistant app, hoping the corporate had created Associate in software update obtainable already. To my surprise, the part of the app that enables for manual checks was broken. Alternative areas worked simply fine, I simply couldn’t initiate it looked as if the automated checkup wasn’t operating, either. And, unless you have gone into the app, you’re most likely unaware that it’s broken.

The fix is straightforward you wish to transfer and put in the HP Support Assistant +1-800-674-9438. It installs right over prime the broken one no got to uninstall the previous one 1st.

Here’s wherever you’ll get it: HP Support Assistant

The HP Support Assistant is not the sole app according to be fastened by a put in. If you expertise alternative apps that simply do not work quite right.


If you selected a clean installation of Windows ten on an HP system, rather than playacting the upgrade, the HP Printer Support Assistant will not be there anyway. I extremely advocate putting in it, therefore, you recognize once updates are obtainable. HP wills a good job quickly delivering fixes and patches through this mechanism.